Bloodthirsty Advice Please?

#11sphixx(Topic Creator)Posted 4/25/2013 4:05:35 AM
mickylovefist posted...
Well... I had the exact same problem last night with the XPR-50. I kept on getting to 4 kills and dying a total BS death! It was making me rage pretty bad! Anyway after getting 1 bloodthirsty in like 10 games I decided to try the NOOBIEST THING EVER

Assault shield
Sniper of choice with dual band

Flak jacket
Cold blooded
Tac mask

Shock charge x 2

Basically I was sitting in a corner of the map in free for all headglitching behind my shield. I got the bloodthirsties in about 7 matches and omg the rage I was inducing on people was epic! EPIC! I felt horrible though because it is really nooby.

TL;dr a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do!

Noob or not, if it gets me gold I dont care! I like you're thinking Mr LoveFist. Thnx
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Finally got thr dsr all golded up! Played Dom on Nuketown and just lay down and camped it up by the bunker in the back garden. Got 2 in 1 round then Nuketown came up again 3 games later . . . rinse & repeat! Right, Ballista . . .