C/D Flinch shouldn't be in the game

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3 years ago#41

It's a dumb mechanic that makes a lot of my classes more restricted than they need to be.
3 years ago#42

I wish they'd at least reduce the flinch. It feels mandatory on any classes that aren't:
A- Killing the enemy so quickly/ from so far away they don't have time to shoot back
B- So up in their face that flinching won't make them miss.

I really like Coldblooded and Fast hands, but I can't use them unless I grab toughness too, and that's usually not an option if I want any sort of equipment on the class.
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3 years ago#43
XxOblivion77 posted...
From: fatclemenza | #002
toughness-level flinch should be default. I'm basically playing Pick 7 on all of my classes because I like Scavenger and Toughness is mandatory for even semi-serious play

I found a way around it by using Extended Clip instead of Scavenger. Also I don't use lerthyrs or tacticals since I'm used to running Specialist in MW3 where you had to play without those things.

And yeah flinch is a dumb game mechanic.

Ermahgerd lerthyrs!!

I suddenly have an uncontrollable urge to shout this everytime I throw a lethal...Also I play hardcore :-)
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