It's finally done... All weapons Diamond and Max level...

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I'm surprised you find the LMGs difficult they were my first Diamond category. Pistols are taking FOREVER to get, it's not easy getting headshots. Also, because of lag I'm going nuts trying to get Bloodthirsties for the KSG
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Silver17 posted...
Majik25 posted...
All LMG's
All Sniper's
The Executioner
Assault Shield
The Fal
The Smr
The Swat
And every tryhard who uses nothing but an Msmc/Pdw all game every game.

So you got that crystal camo now right?... ;)

Lol, I was gonna make a crystal joke.

I finished headshots a long time ago, but what I did was play HC KC and just aim high, Every gun is a OHKO headshot in HC except for the Qbb (wtf?).

I have no intention of resetting, I like maxing out and then doing every challenge that I can, according to Elite I am at 18 and 1/3 days played. 1.75 k/d with a 58% w/l ratio (god thats low). Never realized how bad my w/l was, over 3.0 in other games, but I guess you cant solo lobbies in this game like I could previously.

I have at least 500 kills with every weapon and 1285/1720 challenges.
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Massive props, TC. That is hugely impressive. Talk about diversity! It's good to see.
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Im on 17 days played and i still need shotgun and pistols. Plus im never resetting because i hate waiting for level unlocks and kd doesnt matter to me.