Influx in modded controllers?

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3 years ago#1
Anyone been noticing an influx in modded controller users? Just in the last week or two I've noticed a lot of them when up til then I only noticed a small amount. Bothers me beyond belief when I watch a fully auto FAL run out of ammo and switch to a fully auto Tac-45 in a killcam. Perhaps it has something to do with the growing popularity of Macro controllers? Don't really know when they started becoming a thing; paying $250 for a controller because you're not good enough at a video game seems absurd to me.
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3 years ago#2
The guns have fire rate caps so even if they have modded 'trollers they can't go over the caps.
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3 years ago#3
slaveanselmo posted...
The guns have fire rate caps so even if they have modded 'trollers they can't go over the caps.

True, but macros make it much easier to shoot that fast and still aim.

I personally dont have a problem with 3rd party, customized controller with hair-trigger, better grips, etc. Its like back in PC gaming when someone had a crappy mouse/keyboard vs someone with a gaming mouse/keyboard. Macros are the only thing that bother me.
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3 years ago#4
I had a modded troller since xbox first came out. I only paid 60 and it still works till today. I like that i can replay select fire with turbo mode so that lets me pick 3 other attachments
3 years ago#5
You can buy rapid fire controllers from microsoft. I would never use one
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3 years ago#6
They have always been there, but i think with all the nerfs to the select fire FAL, people that fired it full auto didnt have to use their mods, but now they do
3 years ago#7
I think it was just last night when I was playing SnD and three of the guys on the opposite team were using modded controllers. Whenever we were simultaneously dead or the round was ending and someone brought it up they just sort of laughed it off and joked about it like "nahhhh that isn't a modded FAL lol" while watching an extremely obvious final killcam.

So on top of cheating they insult your intelligence, act like it's fair, and act like it isn't telling at all of their character. I didn't really think it was that funny...

And yeah it annoys me because it's annoying.
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3 years ago#8

Auto shotty..
3 years ago#9
I've been accused of using modded controllers, because I have a quick trigger finger. Never used anything besides a corded Microsoft controller.
3 years ago#10
Playing with modded controllers is like playing with fire sooner or later you are gonna get burned.

People dont realise that xbox modderaters play the games we do. I have seen people get banned from a few days to totally losing there profile. I have seen people get banned for alot less. Sooner or later they will get caught.
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