Just got Diamond Camo on Assault Rifles

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User Info: sxeAce

4 years ago#1
Just unlocked Diamond Camos on the Assault Rifles. It took some time but relived the headache is over. For those who care, im sitting at 5days 15hrs played and 2.4 k/d.

For those who have unlocked diamond camos on their assault rifles:
Which assault rifle was the biggest pain to get camos for?

Id say for me it was the SMR, it took forever and while using it I felt like the gun would jam and wounded enemies would kill me. And using it without attachments was a nightmare. Those good with the SMR, dont hate.

User Info: Top_Secretz_808

4 years ago#2
I'd have to say the most painful one for me would have to be the M8A1... I don't know what it was, but it seemed the gun hated me.. A lot.

Right now, I'm working on Diamond SMG's.... I don't even have 1 SMG diamond yet... I never really use them, I don't like them in the game(for me, I don't feel comfortable with them).

I have Diamond Special's, Assault Rifles, Snipers, and Launchers, maintaining a K/D of 2.33
Although, the Riot Shield and Combat Knife hurt my W/L and SPM alot. .-.
1.27 W/L and 280 SPM. It was 276 two days ago. =D
And my W/L was 1.25.... So, I guess I'm making a little progress.
Gamertag: llll Pain
(l = L)

User Info: White_Knight_01

4 years ago#3
I found the single shot rifles the easiest to get gold. the hardest rifle for me was the swat. I just couldn't use that weapon until I tried the TF or the hybrid scope on it.

I can't wait to finish the smgs and the lmgs so I can go back to my love of the assault rifles.
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