2.7 650+ dom player looking for players

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3 years ago#11
Undy_B posted...
From: StigmaStyle | #009
I'm not sure what my stats are. =p But I guess I'll send you a message or something. Although, maybe in a couple hours would be better. I told a friend I'd play L4D2 with him in half an hour. Didn't realize how late it was. x_x

sorry wasn't playing well when you joined. by that point I'm already 8beers in so yeah lol, nice playing with you

We won, so I'm happy. xD Ground War is harsh. x_x
3 years ago#12
From: Mander1861 | #002
replying to said topic....

Hi !!!!

From: JVel91 | #003
GT: Ambulance

no more fake names! lol
From: fatclemenza | #004
canadian scopez is better than u

From: roach06 | #005
sry got enough 1kd 350spm players on my team these days

I'm not? add?
3 years ago#13
3 years ago#14
Undy_B posted...

lol I accepted your friend request and just not realized who you were... if your down for some arms race I will be back on in a few mins
GT: Roach4488 --------------Clan: UD3D #1 Large Elite Clan
3 years ago#15
Lemme play. I have a -0.15 kdr and 123 spm

Send invite plz k thnxbai
3 years ago#16

I come here because the forum is better than the game. - Mander1861
3 years ago#17
sure add me

GT: Lerthyr
GT: Noitrez
3 years ago#18
3 years ago#19
send me a f***ing friend request and don't be all talk like everyone else on this board.


3 years ago#20
BipBapBam posted...
sure add me

GT: Lerthyr

I was wondering why I received a random FR...
RIP Sacred_Asylum 4/1/13
Watching you play SnD is like watching Mozart paint a picture. It's absolutely beautiful. -supercoolisaac
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