What's a good Chicom setup?

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3 years ago#21
Chicom long barrel/extended mag

dexterity/tactical mask

have fun
3 years ago#22
Laser Sight, Ext Mags

Dex/Extreme Cond

3 years ago#23
Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. I've messed around with a couple of the classes you all recommended, but ended up using Reflex Sight and Long Barrel. I'm just not very good with its irons. Definitely a fun gun though! Just feels very weak at anything further than a few feet. :P
GT: SL Tops10
3 years ago#24
QualiT posted...

My chicom wii KD is 4. Is yours?

DOubtz m8.
GT: Noitrez
3 years ago#25
Forgot to mention I mainly play hardcore mode so I don't know what'll be best for core.
3 years ago#26
Select fire.....................No silencer. I was a god on Nuketown think I went 88-12.
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  3. What's a good Chicom setup?

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