Do YOU have a Target Finder class?

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3 years ago#1
Well? Do you? - Results (498 votes)
Yes, I have a lot of them because the TF is awesome.
7.43% (37 votes)
Yes, I have a TF class, and I use it pretty often.
16.87% (84 votes)
Yes, I have a TF class, but it doesn't see much use.
22.69% (113 votes)
No, but I have used the TF in the past and liked it a bit.
17.67% (88 votes)
No, because I don't think the TF is very useful.
16.27% (81 votes)
No, and I never will because the TF is nooby.
19.08% (95 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Also, when you vote, post what weapons (if any) you use the Target Finder with. As for my answer: I don't use the attachment much, but I do sometimes put it on the Chicom because of how ridiculously funny the setup is. I can spray people in Nuketown and get cross-map kills across Cargo with the same gun. Plus the Chicom looks cooler with an optic attachment.

How about you guys?
3 years ago#2
I don't play games to handicap myself. I just play to have fun, and that's it. Some guys might get a much needed self-esteem boost by making the game harder than it needs to be, but I will use every edge the game gives me. Then I will look at how great my life is and be totally satisfied.
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3 years ago#3
I have one for my:
- Juggernaut custom class (on the MK48) in my first class set
- Gun Master custom class (on the Type 25) in my second class set
- Heavy Tank custom class (on the LSAT) in my second class set
- Anti-Support custom class (on the MK48) in my second class set
- Predator custom class (on the Type 25) in my second class set

Yeah, I have too many classes with it. :P
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3 years ago#4
I use a TF + FMJ MK48 when I play SnD and the other team are annoying kids talking smack. It's hilarious to hear them rage.
3 years ago#5
i dont use it because the game is easy enough as it is

but why would anyone deny its usefulness

it literally outlines the enemies for you as they appear
3 years ago#6
I used it on the Vector for the Sight Challenge. It's not really meant for rushing and I don't camp or "play defensively" often so I don't use it..
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3 years ago#7
Not gonna lie, if Carrier or Turbine comes up I sometimes put it on my long range class. Just because both maps are so slow and sometimes it's impossible to see people on Carrier
3 years ago#8
No, because I honestly don't think it's useful.
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3 years ago#9
Yeah, I have 1 class with it.

I don't use it often, just whenever I feel like trolling snipers, head-glitchers, or other target finder users.
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3 years ago#10
I use it with the SWAT because due to its nice damage at long range it can double as a sniper rifle.
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