New BO2 Player Looking for a Clan

#1KRATOS215Posted 5/6/2013 4:34:57 PM
Hey guys,

To put it simply, I am a new player to BO2 looking for a good clan to have fun and learn the game with. As such, my K/D may be a bit low to start out with, but will rise with time as I learn the maps/guns/etc. I actually just got my 360 last week after owning a PS3 for most of this console generation.

I am an adult player, have a mic coming in the mail, and previously played the crap out of BO1 on the PS3. I still play that occassionally, but not much anymore. My K/D was 1.16, but probably could have been much better if I had not had such an atrocious start. Through my last 2-3k kills I was averaging a 2+ k/d.

My gamertag is EJRICH. I am mostly on at night (eastern), but may be on during the day occasionally if I have a day off from work.

Add me for COD!