Post the gun you have the most headshots with and your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh card

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Dark Magician Girl.

There's a girl version? Way back in elementary when the anime was semi popular my fave was Dark Magician :)

It's actually pretty much ecchi whenever she shows up.

There are many examples (too bad most of them are porn) here are some safer examples:

Thank man :)
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idk i gotta check later.

Neo galaxy eyes photon dragon
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Suicide_Jester posted...

Anyone remember Vampire Lord?

What a classic.
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whats a yugioh?
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SMR with 300 something

Stardust Dragon
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This was enlightening - Somehow the Peacekeeper has the most headshots for me - haven't used it in aaaages...

As for Yu-Gi-Oh card...

This thing, as far as I can tell, is ridiculously overpowered. I don't play anymore, but I had a deck about 5 years ago, and I used to play with my little brother, and this card always won me the game.

The picture is also totally awesome (dude)!
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