I get the joke, but if you really think about it...

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When you rape a man you take his pride and power. Rape is better then death they gotta live with shame of defeat

Longhorn, you know this dudes from Texas, Whats that saying.. Nothing but Steers and...

Good Ol' Texas.

Don't forget the part where you have to just flat out live with shame, I'd much rather show another man the shame of defeat by you know beating him in a fight, not having sexual intercourse with them.

Lol this guy likes girls. Thats so pre-2013, get with the times.
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TC wants the D
"Persistence until excellence."
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Naughty nuggets it seem like y'all needs someone to take your power from yous
Its true you are nearly unstopable your mom tried birth control and your father didnt want you, but you survived
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Longhorn58 posted...
Naughty nuggets it seem like y'all needs someone to take your power from yous

Sounds like all you need to do is step out of the closet, or do y'all call it the "barn" down there? I realize I am a pretty handsome man, but I'd put my elbow through your face before you could even get a rise in your redneck Levis.

I'd "take your power" by sending you to the hospital after a severe beating. Then plant some seed in your mother and sister, and if you have a girl to cover up your real sexual preference, I'd get her too.

But you keep that fantasy that having sexual intercourse with another man will somehow let you "take his power." Just sounds like a very homoerotic twist on the Highlander series, if you ask me.

You can get it off your chest, we won't drag you behind a pickup truck like your father would if he found out.
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Haha I forgot I made this stupid topic.

It's just something funny to think about guys. No need to get your panties ruffled.

and I guess to all those wanting to give me the D, I'll pass. Thanks. Don't want to get your hopes up and then have you find out I'm just using you for your body.