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New Ideas for Call of Duty Maps?

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User Info: Parkcityfan

3 years ago#1
After playing multiplayer a lot I find myself thinking about wherever I am as a call of duty maps, I just want to see what other people have come up with

User Info: AbsoluteZeroX19

3 years ago#2
I know someone who also made a similar topic, but this is what I wrote.

Justin Bieber Concert
City Dump
Parking Lot
And Nuketown 999,999,990 B.C.

All said maps are jokes, except for the Nuketown 999,999,990 B.C map full of Dinosaurs. That would be awesome. I hope you're taking notes Vonderhaar.
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User Info: ArcXenos

3 years ago#3
8 story tall shopping mall
Water park
Condominium Complex

Zoo with interactable animals
Japanese Suicide Jungle
Lord of the M1216

User Info: FeelMyBlade

3 years ago#4
An enclosed box, 5ft by 5ft.
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User Info: Kuuten

3 years ago#5
Ones that don't suck ass.
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User Info: awsomeedgar77

3 years ago#6
They can up up with whatever all I hope is that they stop making those dumb destroyed environment maps.
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