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3 years ago#1
So, what is everyone's favorite weapon from CoD4 all the way up to Black Ops 2? Also, to keep this whole subject on topic, post your K/D Ratio, just for laughs.

K/D: 1.14

CoD4 - M4 Carbine
WaW - MP40 (Don't hate)
Modern Warfare 2 - M16A4
Black Ops - Galil
Modern Warfare 3 - ACR 6.8
Black Ops 2 - MTAR
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3 years ago#2
umm, mw2 m4a1

k/d of 1.7
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3 years ago#3
Peacekeeper. An Assault Rifle with Stock and Quickdraw by default? Yes please.

K/D is 1.37. But I play a lot of TDM,and rush, so I guess that is excusable.
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3 years ago#4
WaW-Oh how I loved a lot of weapons...silenced type 100?
BO-M60 big ammo!
MW3-...memory erased my experience
BO2-Tac45 on hardcore
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3 years ago#5
I wouldn't say it's my favorite but I definitely had the most fun with this game getting my knife gold.
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3 years ago#6
Assault - G3/G36C
Submachine - Skorpian/P90
Sniper - M40A3
Shotgun - M1014
Sidearm - M9

Assault - Gewehr/STG
Submachine - Type 100
LMG - Browning
Sniper - Mosin Nagant
Shotgun - Trench Gun
Sidearm - Tokarev

Assault - FAL/ACR
Submachine - UMP45/Vector
Sniper - Intervention
Shotgun - Spas/Striker
Sidearm - M9/Raffica

Assault - FAMAS/AK47
Submachine - AK74u/Mac11
LMG - M60/Stoner
Sniper - L96A1
Shotgun - Stakeout/Spas-12
Sidearm - M1911

Assault - ACR/MK14
Submachine - UMP45
LMG - MK46
Sniper - MSR
Shotgun - Striker/Spas-12
Sidearm - Five Seven/USP/P99

Assault - FAL/M27
Submachine - Vector/Chicom/Skorpion
Sniper - DSR
Shotgun - R870
Sidearm - Five Seven/Tac-45

BO2 - 1.83
MW3 - 1.75
BO - 1.80

I like the single fire weapons because I played paintball for a few years, so I know how to shoot quickly.
3 years ago#7
CoD4 - M16
WAW - never played
MW2 - FAMAS (though I loved most of the guns)
Blops - FAMAS (one of two guns worth using)
MW3 - Played about 4 matches with only the type 95 so we'll go with that.
Blops 2 - Peacekeeper

KDR on main account - 1.63
KDR on lolz account - 2.58
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3 years ago#8
CoD4- G3 or AK
WaW - PPsh or Garand w/Sniper
BO1 - FAMAS or Galil
MW3 - ACR or FAD
Blops 2 - MSMC or AN-94

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3 years ago#9
k/d. .74 and rapidly rising

Favorite gun

blops 2 is my first call of duty so....
3 years ago#10
CoD4 = P90 and M4A1
MW2 = L86 LSW and G18 (akimbo)
BO1 = MPL and Stoner63
MW3 = L86 LSW and PP90M1
BO2 = QBB LSW and KAP-40
Overall = L86/QBB LSW (basically the same thing)

I've always loved the weapons that give up a little bit of accuracy for a much higher rate of fire (and faster kill times), especially if it comes with a huge clip and a s***-ton of bullets. As for my K/D, I'd say it would average out to around a 1.00-1.05 across all the games, with my highest (1.24) being in BO1 and my lowest (0.76) being in MW3.

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