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User Info: MissElena

3 years ago#11
MW3's Ak47. Oh the nukes we've gotten...<3

3.74 as of now.
GT: Varaza
If there's one thing I learned from CoD, I love making men scream.

User Info: packman1010

3 years ago#12
L4DMalus posted...
So, what is everyone's favorite weapon from CoD4 all the way up to Black Ops 2? Also, to keep this whole subject on topic, post your K/D Ratio, just for laughs.

K/D: 1.14

CoD4 - M4 Carbine
WaW - MP40 (Don't hate)
Modern Warfare 2 - M16A4
Black Ops - Galil
Modern Warfare 3 - ACR 6.8
Black Ops 2 - MTAR

K/D 2.xx (2.55 dropping rapidly from RPG suicides and SnD trolling)

MW2 - Tar 21, AK47
BO - Galil, AK47
MW3 - PP90
BO2 - AN, R870
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