So I'm going 68-2 heading into the second round of Dom

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I'm not gonna lie, this thread is dope yo
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Popped Elena, I'm sweatin'.
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I....have absolutely no idea what you just said.
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All hail the mighty woolay.
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These are the people that populate this board. I hope you're all happy.
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would read again
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RuneMaster no2 posted...
These are the people that populate this board. I hope you're all happy.

These are the kind of people that play call of duty, thus why it is looked down upon by normal people and core gamers :P
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Don_of_Blades posted...
Mander1861 posted...

only thing i hate more than stupid people are stupid white people pretending they are ghetto black people...

You realize saying stuff like this is offensive to people who are actually black right? White or black people look like that because they have no class. They don't do it because of the color of their skin
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Zubat hurt itself in confusion
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Pyrokid used to annoy me.
But this is one of the best threads EVAR!

I may even go as far to say that Gfaqs is straight up saved!

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