I just had the best game of my life

#1jeremy13Posted 6/8/2013 7:00:41 PM(edited)
I went 51-7 in Domination, which for me is awesome! I've been playing this game for a few months and have yet to get a ruthless medal and I finally got one. I only have about 300 bloodthirsty's and 12 merciless medals so I was really happy to get that first ruthless. I was only 1 away from relentless but got sniped right before I got the kill. I also got my first super killer and a quad feed medals along with 9 dragon fire kills, and 9 sentry kills which was awesome. I know there are others who have this type of match each time they play but for me it was awesome to have. All in all I earned 30k xp. I'm really happy with that but guarantee I'll never get that lucky again lol.
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nice job
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Congrats! :D Definantly feels good after having a good match. I can't get any kills with either of those scorestreaks.
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You never know, you just might. :3
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If you play Dom a lot you can get used to the pattern that 90% of players follow on most maps and maybe get games like this more often. They just won't be as special to you.
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MissElena posted...
You never know, you just might. :3

What she said. I'm not awful, but I never get high steaks. Called in my first Lodestar today, said that I wouldn't do it again. Next match, got it again. :p
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GG brother. ^5
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Mr_Cumberdale posted...

For sure.
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MissElena posted...
You never know, you just might. :3

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