Do you ever feel sorry for your opponents?

#11torey_caylorPosted 6/14/2013 12:56:06 AM
No. It's a game.

I only feel sorry for myself when i have to carry complete morons.
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TheRisingSon posted...
I know... Empathy? In Call of Duty?! Getouttahere right?

But one time, Ground War - Domination. Me and my team of randoms were putting on an epic thrashing of the other team. I mean we were holding all three flags pretty much 90% of the entire match. Scorestreaks were firing off one after another, the body count was climbing, it was ugly! Then I looked at the scoreboard at one point and noticed it was 9 vs 1 lone guy!

It got to a point where he wasn't even fighting back. He was just scrambling to survive, trying his damnedest to hide but continuously getting hunted down by my squad mates. Usually in a blow out situation, I find it hilarious or have a smug sort of satisfaction but not that time... That time, it was a mixture of admiration for him sticking it out the entire match and guilt for participating in his slaughter. Then it struck me. The game doesn't have to incite rage or frustration. This one, noble soul taught me that I can stick it out during losing matches and still have fun.

Anyone else have a similar story?

You know the guy that stayed most likely looked like this right?

Probably was playing in between watching Tom & Jerry.

From playing CoD over 8 years, I've played with pros and casuals, most casuals stick out the ass whopping, because they simple don't even care. There's me raging because I got killed one off a VSAT, yet there's my friend who's gone 12-3 and having the time of his life. Oh how it would feel to feel his happyness.

In other words, I leave when it gets to the point where it's 6 guys completely dominating the other team.
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Happened to me on halo once, done it a couple of times to a guy on cod. I like how they stick it out to the end
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Of course not. We all came here to fight, so fight me bastard.
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Yes, to the point where 1v1 gunfights are not determined by skill, but by whoever isn't bs'ed
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Yeah I tend to ease up sometimes myself.

If I find a "chill lobby" where I'm enjoy talking to people in FFA or even pre/post game in TDM, I'll spend have the time working on guns that I normally don't use...
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If the enemy team all leave except for one brave soul, I feel bad for the lone survivor.

At least they were man enough to stick around.
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