Guns like the B23R should be nerfed into oblivion.

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if you complain about the b23 you're not good sorry
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I have it on every class.

How mad are you?
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Oblivion is a pretty old game, and I'm sure any sort of gun in the game would be way OP.
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Sounds like someone got pistol whipped.
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I have a better KDR with the B23R than I have with any SMG.

Love that gun.

Tac 45 I can't use for squat, though.
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Webmaster4531 posted...
Cut and paste time.

Extended B23r 7 kills per magazine
Chicom 9 - 12 kills per magazine

Reload Speed
Chicom ~2.1s
Fast Mags cuts off ~1/3
Chicom ~1.4s

Extended Reload
B23R ~1.793s

The chicom is practically recoil free which is a lot better than the B23R. It has slightly better irons than the B23R. It's also got a large muddled flash which is very easy to see through while the B23R has a terrible solid flash right in front of the iron/sight while also having the barrel move up over your view.

Fire rate
B23R 1022 with mandatory delay
Chicom 1250 with no delay

Chicom damage 33

The B23R only has a per bullet damage advantage.

33 damage means minimum 2 bursts to kill, meaning 6 enemies dead per magazine max.
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arena11 posted...
33 damage means minimum 2 bursts to kill, meaning 6 enemies dead per magazine max.

The original version, that I cut and pasted from, contained that these situations rarely happen. I also mentioned that the chicom has a headshot multiplier bringing down 4 shot kills to 3 shots.

I didn't feel the need to say that it's even harder to make sure the last 2 bullets after the kill need to hit another target, then after that kill the last bullet needs to hit another target, and then after finally killing that target the cycle need to continue until the magazine is empty. It's already crazy enough trying to get 7 kills with an extended B23r. I also didn't mention bullet piercing through players because I'm not sure how the mechanic works.
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