What's your favourite FAL setup?

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Kyondre6 posted...
f41lurizer posted...
kyondre, about that lock on launcher, that's what the Black Hat was for. If I don't take a secondary then I can pick up another gun if I want to.

I prefer the launcher because it's much more versatile for me. If I'm playing Hijacked or Nuketown(which is every 3rd or so match) I'm probably using FMJ, so I can just destroy Guardians and Sentry Guns with kicking up my fire rate a little more.
And it's an easy extra gold gun by doing this, so I figured why not?

I'll try out your Black Hat idea, though.

Well yea, but I already have the FHJ gold. I need like 3 double kills and car kills or something with the SMAW to get it gold. And I have like 7 RPG kills
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Hardline Flak
Toughness Scavenger
tac mask
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Kyondre6 posted...
does it still work?
I might be doing it too quickly, but every time I try to do it I shoot so quickly that no shots actually come out.

should still work. i haven't heard of them patching it yet.
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For headshots:

Scavenger and toughness

Select fire, silencer and EO tech sight

Primary gunfighter and perk two greed

For general use:

Lightweight and hardline
Dexterity and Tac Mask

Red dot and fast mags

Perk one and perk three greed
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I've never been good with the fal, but once I get it this prestige I'm gonna give it a proper go. Let the sucking commence
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