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User Info: huntie201

3 years ago#1
Currently, I'm making an attempt at the Knife Rank in zombies, however, I played at least once everyday for the whole week and I am stuck at a Skull with 4 tally marks. I know they represent days played, but like I said, I didn't miss a single day and that's were I've been (4 tallies) I've had blue eyes before, so why can't I get it now? Thank you in advance.

BTW, I get to like round 15-25 every game with few downs (1 or 2) and like 13 revives.
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User Info: Shaun3D

3 years ago#2
You dont need blue eyes to rank up

User Info: huntie201

3 years ago#3
I know but I don't understand, why am I not getting tally marks for playing each day? Are the Treyarch Servers for Zombies broken?
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User Info: huntie201

3 years ago#4
Bump. Still need help, anybody know?
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User Info: LeTHaL_PiRaTe

3 years ago#5
The timer resets at 7 central? It's 7 at some time zone, regardless you need to play one in that 24 hour period for it to register a tally.

Side note what is your kill/down ratio? I may be able to tell you how long til you get the knife.
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User Info: huntie201

3 years ago#6
It'll probably take me some time as I was horrible when this came out. But now I get to about round 20-25 solo with one down. It's like a 40.5 and I have around 60K kills.
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