What guns do you have gold/diamond?

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3 years ago#11
Snipers(Good awful to get bloodthirsty's when you actually need them)

Ballistic Knife
3 years ago#12
I have ARs and SMGs diamond, two LMGs and two snipers gold, and one shotgun gold. The S12 and M1216 are almost gold, but I can't manage my bloodthirsties.
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3 years ago#13
FHJ Gold
SMAW all but Cherry Blossom, Carbon Fiber
Peacekeeper - All but Carbon Fiber
870 - All but Carbon Fiber
Ballista - All but Carbon Fiber + Skulls
cogito ergo zoom
3 years ago#14
I've golded the DSR, SVU, Ballista, PDW, R870, and the an94.
DD:DA pawn Anara
3 years ago#15
ARs and SMGs diamond, and Gold R870

I'm done actively trying to get guns gold now since IDGAF about the rest of the guns really and getting them done would only be an exercise in frustration
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3 years ago#16
-Combat Knife

-working on the HAMR right now before i get diamond LMGs
-first two Snipers

i don't remember what level i was when i accomplished any of these, but this was pretty much the order i got them in
3 years ago#17
Got diamond


Need 7 more blood thirstys on M1216 for diamond shottys.

Also have ballistic knife & crossbow gold.

Got everything after hitting MP except for lmgs.
3 years ago#18
Got diamond on every weapon. Nice to having the calling card as well for doing it since I have yet to see another even though I know they are out there.

Hardest for me was the crossbow bloodthirsty but finally got it in TDM with the tribolt attachment with scavenger/shock charges.
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3 years ago#19
The Only Gun I've bothered getting gold cammo is the MP7,
because it is the only SMG that I feel is worth using, (Used the MSMC once, didn't like it).

I MIGHT get the M27 If i ever feel like it though, and maybe, just maybe, the R870
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3 years ago#20
Diamond SMG's including the Peacekeeper
Diamond AR's
Gold DSR
Gold FHJ

Im too lazy to get diamond launchers as i hate the RPG. but i may just do it sometime soon i guess.
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