Worst zombie map (excluding Dead Ops)

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User Info: DeroIin

3 years ago#1
Mine is Five, can't stand that map AT ALL. From the crappy layout to the almost unbeatable guy who steals my weapon, its so bad.

TranZit is a close second though.
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User Info: KidCache

3 years ago#2
Im not sure why but I hated Call of the Dead. Not sure why.
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User Info: levelshooter

3 years ago#3
Tranzit. End of
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User Info: Shrubby29

3 years ago#4
tranzit is dumb. mob of the dead got boring fast. i'm not even that interested in buried. i like the mini maps of tranzit, though.

User Info: foxop

3 years ago#5
TranZit, no question.
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User Info: Tziggyx

3 years ago#6
foxop posted...
TranZit, no question.
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User Info: Keyblade9000

3 years ago#7
BO1: Shangri-la
BO2: Tranzit

Never found Shangri-la to be very fun.
And I think we all know why Tranzit sucks.
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User Info: Dark_Dash99

3 years ago#8
I used to also HATE Five. But i played it more and it really grew on me. I genuinely liked all BO1 maps. Shangri-la was the worst of the bunch though.
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User Info: alexcox95

3 years ago#9
I hate Die Rise just because of how many doors there are.

User Info: spacecowboy44

3 years ago#10
i really dont understand the tranzit hate...i love it...i really hope they do more future maps improving on its foundation
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