this or black ops 1 (single player campaign only)

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Neither game had a great storyline imo. Black Ops 2 is a little better in my book for adding the ability to customize your loadout before a mission, and to unlock more guns by completing challenges. It made it have a very multiplayer feel. So overall I'd say that the campaign in 2 is better. Also I like modern games because vintage firearms bother me, so Black Ops 2 wins in that regard as well.
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I'd say Black Ops, but both have great campaigns.
#14OrlandoMagicianPosted 7/27/2013 8:43:57 PM
I like BO1 levels more, but the multiple paths, customization, and challenges are big pluses for BO2. The only thing I disliked about BO2 campaign is that it's too short. I also hated making the arguably most important decision to shoot who.
#15ZuuFPosted 7/27/2013 8:49:12 PM
Story = BO1, by far
Gameplay = BO2
Features = BO2
Characters = BO2/BO1 for Reznov
Easter Eggs/jokes/references = BO2
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I disliked Black Ops' campaign because of Reznov. It felt like such a big freaking let down at the end.

Really, I think World at War had the best campaign in any Treyarch game, with Blops2 being second best.
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