the worst thing about this game is ...

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User Info: reptileegg

3 years ago#1
... you can't shoot and destroy the melons that are stacked on the cart on the Yemen map

User Info: Alexanaxela

3 years ago#2
too many trees
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User Info: Silver17

3 years ago#3
The community...
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User Info: reptileegg

3 years ago#4
Silver17 posted...
The community...

it's funny hearing drunken Geordies and Scousers on Friday nights though ...
(message deleted)

User Info: WorstSniperEver

3 years ago#6
Silver17 posted...
The community...
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User Info: dueric

3 years ago#7
...that it's oh so terrible and we all still play it.

Ghost's reveal today should be an indicator that Activision, IW and Trey don't even care anymore. Slap COD on a box, put a bunch a stupid s*** in it, and people will still buy it.

Seriously. Support Streaks? Would rather have death streaks tbh.
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User Info: SuchAmazement

3 years ago#8
Silver17 posted...
The community...
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User Info: Razzbowski

3 years ago#9
SuchAmazement posted...
Silver17 posted...
The community...
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User Info: Mr_Schickadance

3 years ago#10
People walking through bullets.
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