Weapon Jams. Good idea or possibly the most Rage inducing idea Ever?

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Suddenly no one would use the Type 25 because it's a chinese POS.
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This is the equivalent to SSBB tripping.

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oprtur_pls posted...
Suddenly no one would use the Type 25 because it's a chinese POS.

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They already have this implemented (thought not to the point where you need to actually clear the jam) on weapons that if you fire too quickly it stops until you stop & slow down.
It's ******* rage inducing when you get killed by it.
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Suddenly no one would use the Type 25 because it's a chinese POS.


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#16Juzten76Posted 8/19/2013 8:32:07 AM
Horrible idea. It is basically making it so you are randomly screwed. Gamers don't like features added that take away the fun. Crazy right?
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Isnt flinch bad enough?
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No, there are enough random elements in this game that can AND WILL kill you in a firefight without adding gun-jamming into the mix.

Adding a random element to give bad players a chance to beat a good player is not how we help them get better. We help them get better by taking away crutches like the Target Finder and aim assist so that they have to actually learn how to play the game instead of having their hands held through every match.
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#19RandomTrampPosted 8/19/2013 8:46:15 AM
They used this mechanic in Far Cry 2. If you got on a really big streak and survived unjamming the weapon a couple of times it would eventually just disintegrate in your hands, which is infuriating.

Weapon jams would be even worse if you were playing CoD as you might be 1 kill off a hard-earned nuclear or MOAB or similar. I don't like random stuff. Crazy flinch and exploding cars is already bad enough.
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Reminds me of the fire cap bs in one of these other CoD games.
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