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#81WelcommattPosted 8/29/2013 5:35:18 PM
Somebody mentioned the yellow disks, I just looked up the maxis drone and it says it picks up 4 yellow disks, then you can pick up an upgraded mg08 at the PAP machine.

I haven't been killed in all my games by the armored boss, I'm not sure why everybody has trouble with him. I kill him before he even gets to me with shots in the face (back and sides of the head won't take damage, only the front is open)

How can you tell the iron giants apart? Somebody called them ODEN FREA and THOR.

Does every iron giant have a port in its foot? I could swear I've watched them walk by and they didn't have any lights under the feet.

Finally, can somebody please give detailed instructions on how to completely upgrade a staff?
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How many zombies does it take to fill up a chest?
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Shawk3 posted...
Thanks chicagogr81 and sincitykid for answering my question about the fire record.

What's the best spot to train? I've just been running at generator 4 which has been working alright for me until the late 20's+.

I've been running under pack-a-punch, anywhere below there is where I run train. I usually hope to get PhD, Deadshot, and Double Tap from the wonder fizz orb and challenge box, then I buy jug and speed. Works very well with the combination of drops and turns you can make down there.