What is your favorite zombies wonder weapon?

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How the paralyzer isn't the best is beyond me. I guess it's just all the DG-2 fanboys >.>

again favorite=/=best

and i am SOOO a DG-2 fanboy LOL

But it is the best. Infinite ammo and you can spam it so it doesn't have to cool down. And yes, you are a fanboy.


my point is the topic is about favorites NOT best weapons

reading comprehension is fun, huh?

What's wrong with you, how dare you not share the same preferences as him
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supercoolisaac posted...
how did the vr11 not get one vote...

It's actually a necessity for high rds on COTD

but yeah, it sucks to be the one using it
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Both the Scavenger and the Blundergat/Acid Gat are missing.

My vote is the Zap guns/Wave gun, though. It's very effective and I find it very fun to use. Runner ups would be the Wunderwaffe DG-2 and Ray Gun Mk. II.
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