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Origins BROKEN by update, staffs vanish (Archived)
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chicagogr81226/22 5:09PM
anybody want to play some dom? promise to carry (Archived)Undy_B46/22 10:24AM
Anyone up for league play? (Archived)CoDIIIIIICoB16/20 3:51PM
Can all 4 DLC packs fit on a 16GB hard drive? (Archived)CommanderF9agy46/19 10:07PM
Am I having a really good day or can nobody aim? (Archived)SoF-Rambo36/19 8:35PM
I've been having a lot of fun with this game (Archived)CmoIsDaNam3106/19 7:40PM
I take everything back about what I said about SMGs.... (Archived)
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sbn4136/19 3:18PM
Does the disappearing staff glitch affect solo? (Origins) (Archived)Axedude8726/18 12:17PM
i luv you 2.0 (Giveaway!) (Archived)PancakeLol76/17 12:16AM
I still love making FFA quickscopers/trickshotters rage in this game (Archived)CommanderF9agy106/16 10:44PM
Anyone who has a good Pokemon emblem, click here (Archived)AustinTheMaster46/16 9:35PM
My Philosophy on this game (Archived)
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using_printer116/16 5:08PM
When I see a Tac Insert Quickscoper. (Archived)
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SevenDayCandler116/16 2:08PM
I've had 1 teammate out of 10 games go positive. (Archived)
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SevenDayCandler126/16 11:57AM
Teaching 10 years olds a lesson (Archived)
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PancakeLol186/16 9:56AM
I still suck at loadouts... (Archived)
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MrDummy176/16 8:52AM
Bad tryhard! BAD! (Archived)
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SevenDayCandler216/15 8:44AM
Is it possible to find a lobby that doesn't have 4+ quickscopers in it? (Archived)SevenDayCandler96/15 8:31AM
The B23R is the fourth best gun in the game. (Archived)
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zxrax_alt_1216/13 4:26PM
Anyone down to play? (Archived)Dr_McCutYa16/13 9:10AM