Ever have that game where you keep getting killed by the same guy

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BgSoA posted...
It's worse when the guy is like 7 and 24 and you're 5 of his kills. And he kills you because he does such dumb, unpredictable things, that make no sense. The theory that some people are so bad they out play you because you're not expecting it applies here.

*looks around Hijacked, Dom

"What're the odds of someone sprinting out through the door and landing on our home flag? Probably nil, since they already have B and C and are clearly taking care as to not mess up the spawns..."

*turns to head for B

*gets shot in back by PoopyFart, who promptly dies to my Bouncing Betty

*checks scoreboard

"You're going 4-23, 0 Caps, 0 Defends. Outstanding."

Call of Duty: Logic Need Not Apply
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Yea, normally it's the same match where I'm 4 out of the dudes total of 5 kills. I can't help but do anything but laugh when I see some dude going 5-20 and I'm 4 of that guys kills. Everyone else gets slaughtered by me, but that dude just has my number.
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yeah, they call that sniperfrog.
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KilledByAlisa posted...

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fatclemenza posted...

said person is usually using an 870

13 kills - 7 deaths (So gud I know)

TDM- Standoff- Joined on the losing side with only 18 kills before defeat

Died 6 times to a guy with a remmy last night. The other death was me getting knifed by said remmy user who apparently expended his ammunition reserves on my teammates and proceeded to run around the map, then knifed me when I rounded the corner of the gas station.

I enjoy playing this game, but it has its BS moments a lot more frequently than my blood pressure can handle :V
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epicfailtryhard posted...
yeah, they call that sniperfrog.

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I was playing TDM on grind once.

I ended up going 23-6 with the 4th shotgun(drawing a blank on what it is, burst fire, crappy gun) and out of the whole match 5 of my deaths were by the same guy with an LMG. This guy went 5-20.

I was literally the only guy he could kill.
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It happens regularly, but said player is usually on the move a lot and more often than not for me it's the guy whose #1 or 2 on his team. And then I tend to kill them about the same number of times since I encounter him a lot. It does surprise when I have a decent, but not amazing game and then a guy on the other team kills me 6-7 times but I only got him 3-4 times.