AoA(Army of Assassins) looking for new members(real gamers)for ps3 and ps4

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inb4 rawringair says he declares himself leader of this clan and hereby disbands it
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WorstSniperEver posted...
My name is WorstSniperEver.

I have a 212 SPM and a solid .78 KD. I like to run Grip because I can really feel that 2%, and I think VSAT is for sissies. My weapons of choice are resolve, courage, and determination and I like to rush objectives in a predictable pattern with my trusty Smoke Grenade as back-up. My talents include poor aim, conveniently lining-up with team-mates for those hostile Double Kills, taking Semtex to the face, and a proficiency at dropping the ball in general.

I am 28 years old. I don't have a PS3 or any Trophies but I do have a cat. If you let me on your team I can promise to bring my 'A game' to every match and ultimately end-up being the propellant for high-end enemy streaks. In Black Ops 2 I like to think that every time a teammate gets points for shooting down a Lodestar or Stealth Chopper, they think of me.

Lastly, I am exceedingly good at failing in 1v1 gunfights despite my 'get up and go' attitude, and so I can promise to bring plenty of spectacular game-losing kill-cams to my team-mates' television screens.

I hope I meet the requirements to join your team.


The Excelsior at the end made me laugh
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Provisional GF Account. *sigh* of course.

*Edit - a Facebook link? Seriously? LMAO!!!!... *facepalm*

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