Why does nobody like Select Fire on automatic weapons?

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Some people (like me) don't have the time to manually burst. Some people (like me) put select fire for the less effort required to burst, more effort to reach max rpm, basically enhancing long range performance.

Everyone can argue about the supposed impracticality of the attachment,
but it's like the impracticality of stock-
faster movement speed

You don't need the attachments.
They are attachments! Meant to be added to the gun to alter performance in some way.

The value of each attachment = 1
So since they all cost the same, you choose for the effect you want. Some choose select fire, some don't.

Exactly! Lol. My reason for posting this topic is why get mad at me using it just because they don't like it

Because, when i die in SnD and spectate you, I don't like to see a type 25 with nothing but select fire overkilled with a rapid fire select fire scorpion. lt just rustles my jimmies........

Then don't spectate me. >.> lol. Might switch it to the SCAR though
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