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2 years ago#11
epicfailtryhard posted...
don't listen to the crackheads. the only way to do well in this game is to not move. thereby, you can shoot people that aren't shooting back at you. when this is's like, "wow, my connection is good". connection doesn't matter. the netcode in this game is garbage.

seriously, search for the topic " you read this?". all you need to know.

Either you're bad or your internet is.
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2 years ago#12
Simple fact is, if you have worse internet than your opponent, you'll probably lose.

Really the only thing I'm killed by are:

SMG's, because all COD's have a massive hard-on for SMG's and make them more powerful than most guns.

Guns (LMG's mostly) with target finder on them. So when you see even the smallest hint of a red diamond on your screen you unload every single bullet you have.
2 years ago#13
Oh, I almost forgot, don't believe for a second what the game tells you happened, because it has no idea.

The hit detection is horrid, and the weapons are so unbalanced it's not even funny.

This isn't a very good game, but most people can't get it through their heads that a game can be bad and still fun.
2 years ago#14
XxStigmaxX posted...
Simple fact is, if you have worse internet than your opponent, you'll probably lose.

You paid for your whole seat... but you'll only need the EDGE.
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