Migrated from Ghosts to give this game a second chance

#51f3rtilizerPosted 2/9/2014 12:57:56 PM
Hellbringner1 posted...

of all your arguments, you fail to mention the things that really make this game bad.

Its players.
And their attitudes.

Maybe you missed the paragraph where I mention this is one of the better Cods and I enjoyed it. The game itself doesnt make me want to off myself; gamers with your attitude do.

i am fascinated by your thought process
i make you want to off yourself just by existing? please do tell us some more nonsense
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boztheman posted...
Blops 2 did a good job of reducing the camping. Ghosts does a good job of promoting camping.

Emp Grenades
Engineer Perk
Ghost Perk
MMS scanner
Remove ADS functional delay

They really did try their best to reduce camping without impacting gameplay. And I give them props.
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