have you made up your own little story line?

#1dragnslayer573Posted 2/2/2014 11:26:14 AM
have you? - Results (19 votes)
yes, i have made a storyline.
10.53% (2 votes)
sometimes, when i'm bored.
15.79% (3 votes)
no, that is like dumbest thing i have ever heard.
73.68% (14 votes)
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i started on Black Ops 1 when i was playing on the shooting range map and acted like i was training to join the military. after i finished i started playing the campaign on VETERAN, i have played multiplayer on veteran in black ops 2, but back on topic, i started playing the story line of black ops 1 and acted that the military called me Mason to keep my identity a secret, i'm going to start playing black ops 2 campaign/multiplayer to continue my story line.
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f3rtilizer posted...

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Jumpman_8891 posted...
f3rtilizer posted...
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f3rtilizer posted...
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I used to do this when I played through the old medal of honor games on PS2.
#7LivingInPapayaPosted 2/2/2014 4:58:47 PM
Internalizing a story is something I do a lot, almost subconciously. But I don't do it with CoD's multiplayer.

I often turned voices off in solo Zombies and simply imagined I was myself instead of the characters. Playing as Sarah in BO1 or Misty in BO2 helped that sort of thing.

Sometimes I get little mental snippets of information from people I shoot.

I shoot someone and think "he built a treehouse".
Shoot another and think "he wanted to be a novelist"
Shoot a third person and think "he was the only one that took care of the plants back at base"

I don't think that's internalizing a story, though. I think that might be just my own sadistic mind.
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Yes, all the time.

Whenever I have randoms on my team, I pretend the game is a sitcom.
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I posted...

I shoot someone and think "he was a bastard".
Shoot another and think "he was a f****** murderer"
Shoot a third person and think "he was an evil little B**** who killed innocents and deserved worse than this."

that is my own awesome mind.

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the a....

never mind ill get modded if i say it
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oh ok