I found the snipers only playlist!!!

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2 years ago#21
DSR is pretty amazing, but I think the Ballista is my favorite SR. I rarely get hitmarkers with it (of course, I NEVER get hitmarkers w/ the DSR). I just like how it handles and feels. Them feels, bro.

For fun, I just checked my stats for both:
DSR - 4450 kills, 504 headshots, 63.40% accuracy, 2.64 K/D
Ballista - 4478 kills, 611 headshots, 65.49% accuracy, 2.51 K/D

Yeah, I can't deny it. The DSR's been kinder to me than the Ballista has. Less accurate, and yet still higher K/D. What can I say, lol. The Ballista is like that woman that doesn't treat you as good as the other one, and you find that alluring.

(Yes, everything can be compared to CoD.)
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2 years ago#22
DSR is my fav sniper ever, sad to see it patched man. :(
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2 years ago#23
I seem to get hitmarkers with the DSR a lot more in SnD than in dom.
with the dsr
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2 years ago#24
I played a match of snd yesterday and everyone got mad at me cause I was the only one not quickscoping. Crazy. Or maybe they were really mad that I went 13_1 with an msmc against a whole team of snipers.
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2 years ago#25
DLC just splits the community, but you're gonna still have QSers in either list.

Besides the more DLC maps in the rotation to vote on, the less likely of a chance for NT to get voted in...
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2 years ago#26
I'm in the same boat. Every DLC map I join has about 50% of the people quickscoping. Horrifying.
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