What makes the AN94 good?

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As of recently, I have been having some really good games with this gun. But surprisingly, I've had some terrific games with the SCAR-H as well (which I hear is one of the worst ARs in the game stats wise). What about the AN94 is better than the other ARs? Is it the first two bullets coming out faster? And is this a good AN94 class?

AN94 (suppressor/stock)
EMP grenade
dexterity/tactical mask
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#2BgSoAPosted 4/21/2014 9:51:32 AM
The AN-94 combines many desirable qualities in assault rifles; it has clear, easy to use iron sights which allow you to avoid wasting points on optics, it has low, easily controlled recoil, a three hit kill range which is in between the MTAR and SCAR-H, a good magazine size, decent rate of fire, and is good at all ranges.

The first two bullets firing at 900 RPM is a nice bonus, but the above is what really makes the AN-94 great. Compared to the SCAR-H, it has a shorter overall range, but considerably less recoil, and a more predictable recoil at that. The SCAR-H has a slower rate of fire if I'm not mistaken, but not by enough to matter. The biggest issue is its recoil.

As for your class, any AN-94 class will do nicely. This gun is excellent for any role; rushing, support, long range, anchoring, camping, anti-air, you name it, and the AN-94 can do it. It's beautifully versatile, and that's what makes it a favorite of the community.

Same with the ACR in past call of duty games. The FAMAS, TAR-21, Type 95 and G36C all were better than the ACR, but they were less easily used. The FAMAS and T95 were burst fire weapons, requiring precision and accuracy to be good. The TAR-21 and G36C had higher damage profiles or higher rates of fire, but also had recoil, which the ACR lacked.

A good player with one of those four guns would almost always beat an equally good player with an ACR due to the statistical advantages those guns had, but because the ACR was so easy to utilize, the average player tended to do better with the ACR.

The AN-94 is the spiritual successor to the ACR. Low recoil, good range, good rate of fire, good damage; its got everything anyone could ever want. The FAL and M8A1 are better than the AN-94 in skilled hands. The MTAR is better up close, the SCAR-H at mid and long range, but both require more skill and practice to do the same job that the AN-94 can do.
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^everything he said is true, but he missed a few things I want to touch on

First, you gotta understand that to use the "better" AR's (m8 and fal) effectively, you have to be ADS. You will win next to 0 gunfights if you start your fal or m8 engagements from the hip and transition to ADS during the gunfight.

With the AN, you can play it like a SMG, because it's fully auto, and that's what makes it more effective in close quarters (assuming nobody is ADS).

Then, there's the full auto low recoil that means you dont have to be accurate to utilize it effectively.

I think these, combined with what bgsoa posted above, are what make it popular
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What's weird is that I never really got the "ACR" impression that I do with the AN94. I couldn't stand the ACR in MW2 and MW3 because of how criminally easy those guns were. I started out disliking the AN94 for some reason, but I am liking it now. It seems more "fun" than ACR at least. Plus I think my current class with the gun is pretty effective.

But what makes the FAL and M8 the best ARs in the game? I have tried them both. I tried the FAL with select fire and its decent. I have a decent trigger finger, but i single shot weapons are not the greatest bet in this game since hitting a target in this game is hard with lightweight SMGs and bad hit detection everywhere. Plus I'm always mobile for getting into a hip fire fight with the FAL is a losing battle. I like the M8 a little better, but I dislike the sights so I need an optic on it.

But thanks a lot to both of you for your thoughts.
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#5f3rtilizerPosted 4/22/2014 12:10:09 AM(edited)
>no recoil
>3 hit kill max
>2 hit kill close range means it can compete with SMG's sometimes and get lucky kills
>high penetration negates need for FMJ
>Good enough RoF to outgun most other AR's (m8 one burst nonwithstanding)
>2 hit headshot from anywhere

>Almost no recoil (very very easy to control and barely noticeable)
>one burst potential
>two burst max
>almost no burst delay means high damage output very quickly
>burst fires at scorpion speeds
>does have a 3 shot kill range (very small) which means in close range you don't have to hit all your shots
>outguns all the AR's except the FAL at most ranges

Basically, they have little-no recoil and have high damage outputs, with high enough rates of fire.
A note about the FAL: if you are putting select fire on the FAL, you are basically using an inferior scar. SF takes away about half the advantages of the FAL. Use it with SF. Don't use SF on the M8 either, that's an inferior type 25.
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Thanks for that. I would not have known that SF makes the M8 and FAL lesser versions of other weapons. Is select fire good on any gun really? I rarely see that attachment on weapons at all honestly.
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its my favorite weapon

it has to be good
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#8BgSoAPosted 4/22/2014 10:30:01 AM(edited)
Select fire is a poor attachment choice for most weapons. The only guns people would likely put it on are burst fire and semi-automatic weapons. That means the Swat 556, FAL OSW, SMR, M8A1, and Chicom CQB. Each of these weapons is unique and offers a niche of combat aside from the FAL OSW which is just good everywhere. By making them fully automatic, you change their stats, usually their recoil and range and I think in some cases damage.

For example, the Chicomn has approximately 1100 RPM in burst fire with almost no burst delay. This means you have a very fast TTK, close to that of the Skorpion, MSMC and PDW if you can make your shots count. However, with SF, you reduce that RPM down to around 900, similar to that of the MP7 and Vector. The Chicom's primary niche is to utilize that high precision, low recoil, high rate of fire burst to kill faster than other smgs. By making it fully automatic, you essentially get an MP7 that you need primary gunfighter on.

The Swat 556 has a similar problem; this thing is capable of one bursting from any range if all three bullets connect, and has one of the highest bullet penetrations of any gun in BLOPS2. Its irons are beautifully clean for mid/close range engagements, and its rate of fire is okay, though not as good as the M8A1. When you slap select fire on it, you essentially get the Type 25, a 900 RPM 4 shot kill assault rifle.

The Swat is the only gun I ever intentionally use SF on, because the Type 25 is so demanding. You pretty much need Fast Mags, Quickdraw, Stock and Scavenger to make this gun last for any long streaks, and even then the irons in my opinion are hideous, which mandates a red dot sight. Fast mags is critical because it has one of the longer reload speeds in the assault rifle category, which is really awkward for a 900 RPM, 4-5(6?) shot kill gun.

The Swat is superior in my opinion due to a shorter reload time and cleaner irons, but otherwise similar stats to the Type 25. Unfortunately, you still need Primary Gunfighter and Perk 2 Greed to fit all this, which negates its advantages of reload and iron sights. In my opinion, select fire's only use is for easier headshots with the Swat 556, which otherwise struggles considerably to land them due to its slow rate of fire.

I never advise select fire outside of Swat 556 headshot challenges, simply because you'd be better off with any naturally fully automatic assault rifle.

Also, semi auto/burst fire weapons that become lesser versions of a pre existing weapon.

M8A1/Swat 556 < Type 25
SMR < AN-94
Chicom CQB < MP7/Vector K10

The SMR has much less kick when fully auto than the FAL does, which is why I compare it more to the AN-94 than the SCAR-H.
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That's a good breakdown of why select fire is a bad idea.

Literally the only gun it benefits is the SCAR
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#10BgSoAPosted 4/22/2014 2:19:31 PM
f3rtilizer posted...
That's a good breakdown of why select fire is a bad idea.

Literally the only gun it benefits is the SCAR

Omfg I forgot the SCAR, how did I forget the SCAR?!?!

The SCAR-H is awesome with select fire because it changes the center speed dramatically; the scar normally has medium to high recoil, and kicks high and hard. However, select fire changes the center speed in such a manner that recoil drops down to around moderate areas. This results in the scar having MTAR and Type 25 level recoil areas, allowing you to make shots at much longer ranges.