Splitscreening is really frowned upon???

#31Doktor_KaboomPosted 7/17/2014 4:29:32 AM
weezygd posted...
Keeping your wife happy>>>>>>>>keeping random people on Xbox Live happy.

Amen, Rev!
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#32moon718Posted 7/17/2014 5:53:01 AM
StraydoG posted...
Last night was a good example, playing TDM. I was not paying attention to the scoreboard because I was on a roll. When the match ended I was certain we won but lost 54-75. I had achieved half of our team score by myself and of course the split screeners were on the bottom feeding the enemy.

There is the odd time theres good SS players, a few weeks back saw a pair playing Domination that were generally the top scorers of the team, really effective.

Bring on SS only lobbies! lol get rid of them that way.

Played with the good Doktor who was split-screening with his wife the other night, and they were a huge help to the team. We won every match, and the three of us almost always ended up as the top three scorers on our side. Now if only those two could get their microphone issues sorted out. ;)

I do feel sorry for the one bar guy on the other team who went 1 - 13.