Why do you still like this game?

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User Info: using_printer

2 years ago#1
I'm still playing, and presumptively the people that post topics here still play the game, as well.

1. I like the individuality of each weapon, and the trade-offs each has with others in its own class

2. I like that the majority of the maps are fairly small, and promote fast-paced gameplay

3. I like the score-streak system that rewards objective play (kill confirmed could use re-tooling)

4. I like the pick ten system that allows me to play the way I want to play, for example equipping quickdraw on an assualt rifle and quick recover follow springint (dexterity) in the same class

5. I like that the weapons don't kill too quickly, so skill takes precedence in gun fights.

6. I like groundwar

7. I like the deep stat system, which lets me see performance with each weapon over narrow to broad periods of time

8. I enjoy reviewing my play in theater mode

9. I like that the streaks are more difficult to attain

10. I think this has a much deeper meta game that rewards players who put thought into it

Sure there are things I don't like. But overall, this has been the CoD I enjoyed the most - even more than World at War, which had an incredible atmosphere, good gameplay, and good maps.

I sure hope Treyarch starts a new story line over from scratch with a WW2 shooter that implements everything BO2 did well. They could certainly get creative with the score streaks and more exotic weapons, to give the game a fresher feel that the original CoD WW2 titles didn't have.

Basically, for all of BO2's faults, it was simply the most for - for me - to play, hands down.

User Info: f3rtilizer

2 years ago#2
I'm looking to do worse to ghosts than to bo2. I have a few ideas, but if you have a request/suggestion please lmk via pm.

User Info: EdwardDarkstar

2 years ago#3
It's fun.
I <3 MTAR.
Aaaaaand, it's fun.
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User Info: moon718

2 years ago#4
I agree with every single reason that you posted, TC. Just to add some of my reasons for still playing and LOVING this game:

- I love the attachments. And how Treyarch took what had in many cases traditionally been a perk (Stalker, Sleight of Hand) and transformed it into an attachment.

- Displaying the Score Per Minute in the Lobby Leaderboard gives you a strong sense of who might be camping, which in my mind discourages many (but not all, of course) from playing that way.

- I really enjoy the vibrant colour scheme that Treyarch used for this game. The player characters don't blend into the background as easily as they do in CoD: Ghosts, MW2, and the like. Not to mention the colours are a nice break from the somber greys and browns found in Call of Duty titles of late.

- On the topic of maps, I do love that Treyarch makes use of the classic three-lane approach to design, which keeps gunfights frequent (on most maps), and enjoyable.

- Perks seem pretty well thought out. I appreciate how some of the perks were designed to discourage camping. I also appreciate how they are (as a general rule), a little more realistic. Being able to survive a drop from the roof of a 3 story favela building and subsequently knife an opponent through automatic weapon fire seems a little ridiculous.

- Footsteps seem pretty reasonable. I'm glad I don't sound like a herd of elephants when I traverse the map.

Overall, this game is just plain fun to me. Even when I get one shotted by quickscopers, or outflanked by Lightweight SMG heroes, I am having a blast.

User Info: Croctopus

2 years ago#5
Because it's fun. Isn't that why people play video games?

User Info: beerhammer1

2 years ago#6
Croctopus posted...
Because it's fun. Isn't that why people play video games?

I went back to Blops2 because Ghost made me sick. This game is everything Ghost isn't and that's FUN to play. I like the fact that's it's fast paced, unlike Ghost where games will time out and it's a glorified game of "find the Timmy in the corner"

User Info: CmoIsDaNam3

2 years ago#7
Find the Timmy in the corner.

Love it.
Cmo More Often.
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2 years ago#8
moon718 posted...
Even when I get one shotted by quickscopers, or outflanked by Lightweight SMG heroes, I am having a blast.

I swear people will complain about anything lmao
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User Info: CW Boi 209

CW Boi 209
2 years ago#9
I play this mainly for zombies. Otherwise, I go to Blops 1 for multiplayer.
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