Someone please explain how shotguns are for noobs

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2 years ago#1
Everyone says they are nooby because they one shot. That's the point of shotgun, to get close and one shot, but you have to get very close, if you see someone across the map you can't do anything but he can still shoot you, so you have to think about how to get to him and even when you get there he might not be there still. People also say that shotguns are just hip fire and get a kill but again that's only at close range, and a shotgun has a spread that's why it's possible. Everyone that says shotguns are for noobs obviously don't know what they are in real life, treyarch didn't make them op, they made it a realistic weapon. It needs more skill then sniping, cause at least we have to get close but snipers can one shot at any range
2 years ago#2
Because with proper map knowledge you probably won't be getting shot at from across the map, and if you put a laser sight on a shotgun it's pretty much hipfire and win. The KSG of course is a little different but it's not like the gun is hard to use.

It doesn't take as much skill as using a sniper rifle to slap Long Barrel/Laser Sight on a R870 and hipfire away, but honestly not much in CoD does require skill.
2 years ago#3
Well I like your respect but I gotta disagree, snipers still have the potential to be a one shot kill gun at any range, and if your half decent with one its pretty easy, shotguns have to get in close and kill, they are supposed to be the close quarters monsters, so having a long barrel to make sure you can kill someone when you in the room with them is great and laser sight/hip fire is the close quarters thing so it compliments what a shotgun is perfectly.
2 years ago#4
Its just different skill sets, shotguns are more about moving around the map while sniping is just being dead on accurate, if you can consistently get the first with the sniper you can beat out almost any weapon due to the TTK (Time to KIll) of them, but if you fail that first shot, you are dead, truly dead, and most people aren't that good with a sniper, but with the shotgun, you have at least one chance most times (Or even more) to get your second shot off if you miss or whatever.

Here's a few good videos on why sniping is pretty skillful:
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2 years ago#5
R870 80rpm, 12m 0hko
KSG 77rpm, 12m 0hko, 30m 2hko
S12 460rpm, 6m 0hko, 10m 2hko, 12m 3hko
M1216 220rpm (overall) 6m 0hko, 9m 2hko, 12m 3hko
Ballista 47rpm, infinite 0hko
DSR50 40rpm, infinite 0hko
XPR50 370rpm, infinite 0hko
SVU-AS 410rpm, infinite 2hko
Shotgun ADS: 200ms, 140 with QD
Sniper ADS: 450ms, 350ms ballista
Shotgun hipfire: Decent, Good with Laser Sight
Sniper hipfire: Unusable, Dismal with Laser Sight
2 years ago#6
Shotguns aren't for noobs, just the R870.
2 years ago#7
AdriGod posted...
Shotguns aren't for noobs, just the R870.

Hahaha. lol

I think not, but that comment was kinda funny though.
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2 years ago#8
They're not for noobs it's just that it forces people to show down because when they rush they get owned.

People don't like thinking when playing this game and they definitely don't like being forced to do so.

Hypothetically, if there was a match setup between players that were of all the same level of skill using different weapons, the player using the r870 will be one of the lowest on the chart, not to mention the other shotguns.
2 years ago#9
i have no idea how shotguns are the nooby weapons in a series where everyone uses the cheesiest, easiest gun they can find and it just so happens 90% of the playerbase just uses smgs and ars all the time
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2 years ago#10
The s12 and r870 are simply not good enough to be effectively utilized as primary weapons. They make for a strong component of a PG class, however.
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