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So why were ARs nerfed so bad? (Archived)JumpstyIe812/21/2012
Did they tweak awareness? (Archived)
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Still haven't died. (Archived)
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My Way Of Giving Back To The Less Fortunate (Archived)Freshmaker11612/21/2012
Why the hell is CoD catching the blame for all of these shootings? (Archived)Via_Negativa912/21/2012
Black ops 2 storyline best endings criteria (Archived)Deganveram112/21/2012
Will You Check Out My YouTube Video? (Archived)MetalHeadedGED912/21/2012
There is no Battlefield in the top 10 (Archived)SubZeroChief23712/21/2012
Would you pay 80MS points for each new announcer voice? (Archived)
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what is SMG? (Archived)
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I hope Heaven (Archived)
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Does anyone else evacuate their bowels when they die? (Archived)iamsuperdude29412/21/2012
Pick 10 is also affected by lag comp (Archived)forgotten0285312/21/2012
The loading screen intel said something about reloading (Archived)Lord_TenseEye312/21/2012
Is it true the M27 is the best gun? (Archived)SonyNintendoFan712/21/2012
YOLO Targeting. (Archived)
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Do you re-roll teammate's carepackages without their permission? (Poll)Lord_TenseEye712/21/2012
This guy hit the nail on the head, this video has much wisdom (Archived)
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Saw a 12th Prestige (Archived)xrem1217312/21/2012
Most legitimate kill you can think of? (Archived)iamjosh308712/21/2012
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