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Now that the dust has settled (Archived)
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Oh no! Not another Map Editor topic! (Archived)sgr8112/21/2012
wanna help? (Archived)Lost_Attitude312/21/2012
Which developer would you like to takeover call of duty (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Dual Wield challenge not working? (Archived)Aether_Lyric112/21/2012
This game is a lot better with friends (Archived)
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What's the point of the pick 10 system? (Archived)
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Host question (Archived)Ollie The Magic Bum912/21/2012
is black ops 2 the only shooter with a.i. bots in offline gameplay modes? (Archived)bronze4v4pro912/21/2012
"Online Shooter Ceasefire" (Archived)sigma502212/21/2012
I'm sorry for all the hate I gave assault rifles, the AN-94 is pretty awesome (Archived)
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Gal with target finder is the easiest weapon to use... (Archived)kushahilic812/21/2012
About these maps... (Archived)BrownPack112/21/2012
tower of babble? (Archived)nuclearpizza112/21/2012
Care Package and Scorestreak unlocks (Archived)JamieAubrey01312/21/2012
On a scale of 1-10... (Archived)lolcharizard112/21/2012
So I was just in a lobby where this guy... (Archived)SAMCROftw812/21/2012
How necessary would you say select fire is on the Fal? (Archived)FaithInAll412/20/2012
Time setting of the game got me thinking. (Archived)
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Movement. (Archived)Hiruseki312/20/2012
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