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Thanks to Betty spam, i duck if i even hear a shock charge (Archived)AaronHutch412/19/2012
let me find out i'm not on the Stack Team i'll just leave (Archived)XMasterMarioX112/19/2012
Gun challenges don't count from combat training right? (Archived)nzholla7212/19/2012
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I'm horribly inconsistant at this game for some reason... (Archived)
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Ceasefire Friday in honor of Newtown (Archived)
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Man is the lag actually getting worse? (Archived)
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Call of Duty topics most likely to induce face-palm (Archived)forgotten0285612/19/2012
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Why do you use Target Finder (Poll)
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They should make a playlist without smgs (Archived)
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For it to count for the achievements, do I have to hit rewind story for (Archived)TheCallofOrion212/19/2012
FAQs about this game. (Archived)
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