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if you're using reflex on the an-94, scar-h (Archived)
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The private gametype James Bond is back for Black Ops 2! [loads of fun] (Archived)STUDLYGUY97412/18/2012
Can someone please explain to me how it feels to have health in this game? (Archived)DoNotPassGoPSMO212/18/2012
Is there a better assault rifle than the M27? (Archived)
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Name one thing this game did better than Blops. (Archived)
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Eraser call sign? (Archived)
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Question about the season pass (Archived)FaithInAll312/18/2012
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How much do the StrikeForce missions affect the Story mode? (Archived)party_animal07212/18/2012
Prestige Unlock Question (Archived)gucci_burrrrrrr212/18/2012
I don't understand what kind of SBMM this is. (Archived)NBA2KXX112/18/2012
Host Migration failure just made me hate host-based connections even more (Archived)AzNp3n9u1n112/18/2012
Challenges (Archived)SuperAble312/18/2012
Ok, there must be a new master prestige glitch somewhere. (Archived)
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Quickscopers Exposed S2: Episode 4 - Obey Micah (Archived)ssupermario92312/18/2012
I feel like a god! (Archived)TheRealJayveezy312/18/2012
Best light machine gun? (Archived)SonyNintendoFan1012/18/2012
You can have SMGs and shottys in the game... but ****ing nerf them. (Archived)
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Sooo Guerilla warfare (Archived)Surv1valism212/18/2012