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Do people really think not playing a video game for one day will help at all? (Archived)hularoo612/20/2012
Attention lads, zombie perma perks: 4th one found. (Archived)
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So close to the Nuked Out title ;___; (Archived)Appetiser812/20/2012
To honor Sandy... (Archived)
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Is anyone else going to dedicate every win they get to the Sandy Hook victims? (Archived)AWarAmp84612/20/2012
Gun Prestige (Archived)WitnessX512/20/2012
I just got this game yesterday, tips on multiplayer? (Archived)AethonWarrior512/20/2012
im playing the game on Friday in honor of I enjoy playing games on the weekends. (Archived)
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How can there be a ceasefire tomorrow when the world is going to end? (Archived)
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Question regarding Camo Unlock Challenges. (Archived)parkourboybryan512/20/2012
"online shooter cease fire" (Archived)
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So I finally tried Hardcore in this game. (Archived)Etherstream512/20/2012
Ceasefire could be fun if we all still play but just dont shoot at each other. (Archived)forgotten0285512/20/2012
I saved the ChiCom for last thinking it would be the worst. (Archived)
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Target Finder: The reality (Archived)
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The Elf on the Shelf doesn't like Blops2. Proof inside. (Archived)Net Shark512/20/2012
Did anyone else like Raul Menendez as a villain? *possible spoilers* (Archived)
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I can't get into black ops 2 campaign at all!! (Archived)john11ver44712/20/2012
I already pay for Elite every Year Anyway, so Why would I need to do it again? (Archived)
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TDM is almost obsolete now. (Archived)
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