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Ok, there must be a new master prestige glitch somewhere. (Archived)
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Quickscopers Exposed S2: Episode 4 - Obey Micah (Archived)ssupermario92312/18/2012
I feel like a god! (Archived)TheRealJayveezy312/18/2012
Best light machine gun? (Archived)SonyNintendoFan1012/18/2012
You can have SMGs and shottys in the game... but ****ing nerf them. (Archived)
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Sooo Guerilla warfare (Archived)Surv1valism212/18/2012
Is the Chicom good? (Archived)
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I'm disappointed there isnt a one handed smg (Archived)hyperpowder412/18/2012
New Info....Prestiging & Skill Bases Matchmaking (Archived)
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So I hear this game was mentioned on the view today (Archived)
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Kids raging over my shotties... (Archived)CODurb412/18/2012
When I get this game on Christmas, are there any free maps to download? (Archived)Flamechamp23331012/18/2012
Did Zombies get boosted in difficulty through a patch or something? (Archived)RagingKoalaBear212/18/2012
A few 2-day trial codes for xbox live to give away (Archived)michaelknights212/18/2012
How do you save while in the middle of a zombies game? (Archived)Scarecrow1711212/18/2012
It's almost pathetic how predictable the campaign is *spoilers* (Archived)SaintHero666712/18/2012
Before this is over, i'll show you the true power of (Archived)Heroicmedic92312/18/2012
Why are host migrations so crappy? (Archived)HitokiriFelix412/18/2012
Eat my riot shield (Archived)innersmoke312/18/2012
Lol @ how quickly people rage quit (Archived)
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