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Okay seriously, why you guys think the SCAR is bad? (Archived)
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Looks like you guys werent kidding about the FAL (Archived)tactikz4412/16/2012
Everygame goes 1 of 2 ways (Archived)
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gunho71512/16/2012 you get oneshotkills with the M1216?? (Archived)Nordini912/16/2012
I can't get a bloodthirsty medal to save my life! (Archived)curtland712/16/2012
Everytime I Call in a High Streak The Enemy Team Dissapears (Archived)Jonnywestside212/16/2012
Why do these soldiers load so many blanks in their gun? (Archived)Foxx3k412/16/2012
NOOB question: what is quick-scoping? (Archived)
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Would you rather have OP assault rifles? (Archived)
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Tips for getting Gold camo on most things: (Archived)fallenangemon01012/16/2012
New YouTube clan. Looking for new members. (Archived)braves995612/16/2012
Hexagons and the future? (Archived)Death_Sycthe412/16/2012
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FAL or SMR & why? (Poll)gspot09091012/16/2012
What is your scorestreak setup? (Archived)
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Anyone else love LMGs? (Archived)
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Remember when kill streaks would kill other ones? (Archived)
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which map do you dispise and refuse to play on (Archived)
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LOL I Love getting shot in the back as I duck behind a wall for Cover (Archived)
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So.. What decision did you make? *MAJOR SPOILERS* (Archived)known2FAIL712/16/2012