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Wait, I'm lost... (Archived)NBA2KXX712/17/2012
Take out the trash! (Archived)
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who plays that female jet pilot in the campaign mode? (Archived)thefinalzapkeet312/17/2012
Does dead silence and awareness work? (Archived)FaithInAll312/17/2012
HC KC is the best game mode ever (Archived)Baseballtitan712/17/2012
Call of Duty In One Image.. (Archived)TG_Wolf412/17/2012
Would you rather have new weapon camo or be able to create your very own camos ? (Archived)JamieAubrey01212/17/2012
Anyone else like to run single-killstreak builds sometimes? (Archived)
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Who else sways away from silencers and stock? (Archived)
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looking for people to play with (Archived)TruHNIC187212/17/2012
prestige question (Archived)TruHNIC187312/17/2012
Weapon prestige/Prestige question... (Archived)Warchild212/17/2012
Maps you never seem to do well on? (Archived)
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Woah, WarMachine. (Archived)Crack_Fox1012/17/2012
Don't use any Killstreak or Attachment for your guns... (Archived)
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Need tips (Archived)ajkuras112/17/2012
Question to KSG users (Archived)Jimm3rF3rdette912/17/2012
Hey, everyone, check out what I listen to when I play Call of Duty Black Ops II. (Archived)Nyangasm712/17/2012
Just played a grief match with the host purposefully lagging the game to win (Archived)zeronem412/17/2012
Fox Saying Violent Video Games Training Kids to Kill (About Newtown Incident) (Archived)
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