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Out of interest, anyone know where the emblem is on the 2nd prestige ball knife? (Archived)raymanfan1612/16/2012
please remove plaza from ffa. (Archived)ish0turfac3212/16/2012
What's the point of Select Fire on the FAL? (Archived)
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Looking for a group of individuals to play with (XBOX) (Archived)cameron12090312/16/2012
Black Ops 2 is great but.... (Archived)Draconilian412/16/2012
Hey guys, remember good maps? (Archived)_Xymemaru_V212/16/2012
Forgot to use prestige award, then prestiged again... (Archived)pdt149412/16/2012
Can we PLEASE remove Hijacked from the regular playlists? (Archived)
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This game is lacking an all around decent AR (Archived)
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Why the Care Package hate? (Archived)
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Say what you will about bad company 2.. (Archived)lolcharizard112/16/2012
Can you get banned/suspended for blocking a teammate in a corner? (Archived)
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War Machine is the most fun ive had since MW2 (Archived)AaronHutch412/16/2012
Wow, Team Deathmatch is really easy (Archived)Jnak6512/16/2012
You and I should play some Black Ops II Domination right now. (Archived)Nyangasm612/16/2012
Weapon Prestige Questioning (Archived)iiPatelio612/16/2012
anymore ways to try lessen lag comp? (Archived)
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So released Nuke town 24/7 on finals week (Archived)M16Crowbar612/16/2012
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Galvaknuckles Should Be In MP (Archived)Jonnywestside812/16/2012