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46 out of my 102 kills with the S12 are one-shot-kills. (Archived)
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Stuns last to long (Archived)
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The simplicity and badness of these maps becomes super aparent when... (Archived)MegaTape13512/16/2012
I was about a second shots went through people...5-5 on S n D (Archived)nuschler2212412/16/2012
Wow Nuketown 24/7 Is Full of Spawntrapping (Archived)Jonnywestside912/16/2012
I heard that you can play as zombies in this game... (Archived)The_Ivory_Man1012/16/2012
I'm LOVING the M27! (Archived)Tehshankers1234512/16/2012
Fun things to do when youre lagging. (Archived)chocobo609212/16/2012
can't stand playing nuketown with these garbo spawns (Archived)Crimson_Jesus512/16/2012
two quick questions. (Archived)dannyaq312/16/2012
Bouncing Betties ruin Black Ops 2 (Archived)
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I think next double XP weekend everyone should go back and play their favourite (Archived)
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Score being erased mid match? (Archived)chocobo609412/16/2012
Me and 3 other people got to 28 on Nuketown 2 hours after we got the map (Archived)
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Sign here if you'll never get a lodestar (Archived)
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Why don't they have a zombie round leader board anymore? (Archived)Mumble_512/16/2012
Silver account (Archived)Nargarakuga812/16/2012
Best warthog setup? (Archived)
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Have you guys ever watched a swarm fly around? (Archived)XxGoldyxX112/16/2012
Do you get an indication if you hit sombody with tac mask on? (Archived)slysalt212/16/2012