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what do you think of having 32v32 servers? (Archived)
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What's your favorite new killstreak? (Archived)
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Gah I can't get those 5 kill streaks (Archived)ArcXenos312/16/2012
Is it possible to chuck an EMP Grenade high enough to hit a Stealth Chopper? (Archived)Gallis_OTK812/16/2012
Looking For Black Ops 2: Spawn Trapping lobby (Archived)
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i wasn't able to perma unlock anything. did my game glitch (Archived)pyrokinesis666612/16/2012
Keep Pack-A-Punch Open? (Archived)bubbub01412/16/2012
If you aren't competitive, you need to stick to the campaign. (Archived)
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Party up anyone? (Archived)
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Escort Drone or Stealth Chopper? (Archived)Jimm3rF3rdette912/16/2012
Anyone have an extra 48 hr laying around I can use? (Archived)BOSS52812/16/2012
I've just been unlocking things somewhat randomly when I feel like trying them (Archived)raymanfan1712/16/2012
Tziggyx doesn't go with flow (Archived)HeartlessCharms212/16/2012
Two quick questions regarding the online.. (Archived)amazing_aliy312/16/2012
NukeTown 2025 code (Archived)whyteballa012712/16/2012
What the hell happened??? (Archived)drummer2170612/16/2012
Help with deciding a permanent unlock? (Archived)raymanfan1612/16/2012
Whats the point of Ghost, when the game spawns my whole team on top of me... (Archived)flagg2kplus412/16/2012
C/D: The BFG 9000 should be a scorestreak reward. (Archived)BeastlyIguana612/16/2012
Something is wrong with the map? (Archived)itachitheone112/16/2012