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Won a KC game 100-6 (Archived)
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pros and cons (Archived)dark_lung512/15/2012
Sometimes this game is like putting sand paper in my pants! (Archived)Haru_XX312/15/2012
Has anyone else made an emblem related to yesterday's tragedy? (Archived)
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Prestaging reward question (Archived)thatman6sic6312/15/2012
I may be in the minority, but when when I pick up a gun, it's nearly empty. (Archived)Nyangasm612/15/2012
Why doesn't anyone like Meltdown? (Archived)
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has anyone made a bullet registration topic yet? (Archived)KeshaIsMyLove512/15/2012
which kind of map pack would you prefer (Poll)pyrokinesis666612/15/2012
domination is the most frustrating game mode (Archived)Urban Sniper 3512/15/2012
So... who's the "Head Dev" now? (Archived)TheBiggerOne312/15/2012
What are the perks to prestiging? (Archived)
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how come for the first 2 weeks this game seemed awsome and now it = crap (Archived)DeathsGate1312/15/2012
did they hotfix the probation. (Archived)pyrokinesis666212/15/2012
How do you guys get headshots so fast? (Archived)
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An Idea for Clan Ops. (Poll)Perfect_flame312/15/2012
Your favorite calling card? (Archived)BansheeNTDmode112/15/2012
Anyone else having trouble with Theater mode? (Archived)KabtheMentat212/15/2012
how many levels have you gained so far this weekend? (Archived)
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