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This game is more frustrating than MW2 (Archived)
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AN-94 or Ghost for my first perm unlock? (Archived)
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What's the best KSG setup? (Archived)
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How are randoms this bad after years of playing COD? (Archived)
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target finder topic (Archived)yay4pachirisu112/17/2012
Nuketown 2025 and zombies, GONE! (Archived)charliew2904212/17/2012
Where are all the Hosts Migrating to ???? (Poll)The_Big_Deek712/17/2012
You can buy New Black Ops 2 for $35 at Toys R Us this Week! Hurry! (Archived)The_Big_Deek412/17/2012
the harsh reality of the CoD franchise (Archived)sxeAce512/17/2012
Snipers, I beseech you (Archived)rcommee812/17/2012
How the hell does a game that makes 500 million dollars in one day... (Archived)
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a few things that don't matter that are a let down in this game. (Archived)White_Knight_01112/17/2012
Should I learn how to DROPSHOT since Knifing is Useless ? (Archived)The_Big_Deek1012/17/2012
Just don't get this game.. (Archived)Joofy112/17/2012
Anyway to change reticle color? (Archived)Slippyed712/17/2012
"E-sports". Really? (Archived)Linctagon7312/17/2012
Assault Shield (Archived)Akiba69412/17/2012
Emblem on weapon is backwards help! (Archived)loner8312/17/2012
Double XP weekend is coming to a close... (Archived)
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Heard a Rumor Double Xp isn't over? (Archived)Redsandwitch612/17/2012
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